The peak months of cold and flu season are December through February. Recently there has been research showing that colder temperatures may have an adverse effect on your immune system. 

Research has found that viruses survive longer and spread faster in lower temperatures. Your body also has a lower immune system response in cold, dry weather. In addition, the cells that line our nasal cavity respond slower in colder temperatures and don’t put up as intense of a fight as they do in warm temperatures.

Traditional  medicine’s understanding of how we catch a cold is similar to Western medicine’s view. Both agree that cold and flu occur from an external pathogen attacking the body. However, Traditional medicine looks at the situation in context of a person’s constitution. There is a weakness (immune deficiency) that allows for pathogens to get in. If one’s wei qi (immunity) is compromised, it can weaken one’s immune system and allow pathogens to attack and cause disease.

Subsequently, the patient’s underlying constitution will determine how the disease manifests in the individual’s body. In traditional medicine, two people can contract a disease and have it manifest in two different ways. You see this now in how symptoms of the same flu bug can cause different symptoms in people. While the pathogen may be the same, people’s body’s will react differently based on their body’s strengths and weaknesses. 

In addition to cold weather decreasing our immunity, there are other factors that contribute to a weakened immune system during winter months. Since it’s cold, we tend to be inside more frequently where we receive less sunlight and therefore less Vitamin D. Also, being inside brings us closer together, so it is easier for viruses to spread. 

Prevention is always better than a cure, and this is why building up your immune system to avoid infection is the best policy. Wearing a mask will definitely help, but so will adding the right ingredients into your diet, getting enough sleep, avoiding stress, and getting plenty of exercise. 

During these colder winter months, LifeBiotic also offers Immunity Packs! Tonix-R and Protectival together offer some of the best immune system support available. Tonix-R with it’s blend of immune  mushrooms and herbs has been scientifically shown to support the body’s innate immunity. Protectival is possibly the most researched botanical formula offering the best in white blood cell support which gives you the most confidence that you are prepared to defend yourself from pathogens. 

Don’t be caught off guard this winter season. You want to be your best for your family to guide everybody through these difficult times. With LifeBiotic’s immunity packs, you have the strength of nature with the confidence of sound scientific research to back it. 

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Free eBook is now available

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