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Professional’s Resource Center

Recorded Webinars

Dive deep into the science behind LifeBiotic’s products and explore their practical application in cancer care practice through our thoughtfully recorded webinars.

Educational Videos

Watch short-form videos addressing the most common questions and considerations, covering key aspects of healthcare provider engagement.

Research & Publications

Access materials providing evidence-based information on the efficacy and safety of LifeBiotic’s products. This section includes research studies, clinical trials, and peer-reviewed publications.

Clinical Protocols

Learn how to incorporate LifeBiotic’s products into your clinic with guides indicating dosage for each stage and condition.

Clinical Testimonials

Explore firsthand accounts from healthcare professionals and patients who have experienced the impacts of our products. Gain insights into treatment outcomes and integration into clinical practice.

Tools and Resources

Download useful materials including brochures, abstracts, professional decks, and more to enhance your clinical practice and patient education efforts.

Trusted By Experts

“Among the many commercial products that we’ve evaluated, Protectival is clearly the most effective in terms of potency and selectivity.

The degree of quality control I have observed with Protectival is rarely seen with commercial products of this type, combined with its excellent safety profile in my opinion makes Protectival an ideal formulation. I highly recommend this product without reservation.”

Dr. Steven J Melnick, Ph.D., M.D
Chief of Pathology, Nicklaus Miami Hospital

“Easy to take and effective for reducing the side effects without interfering with treatment effectiveness.

I recommend both of LifeBiotic’s products, Protectival and Tonix-R to many of my oncology patients.”

Dr. Wayne Jonas, MD
President, Healing Works Foundation

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