Protectival is a formulation based on a unique patented compound of 14 highly concentrated bio active botanicals, all used for hundreds of years for their qualities such as promoting cellular vitality, supporting the immune system and enhancing various elements of our well being. Tonix-R is a powerfully concentrated bio-active extract from 7 of the most effective immune supporting mushrooms and plants. Taken together, they offer some of the best botanical immune system support available. 

These benefits include:

Wider Immune Coverage

The immune system is a complex system, different herbs have different effects on different aspects of the immune system. By combining the 2 products more components of the immune system are being supported. With the quick boost of Tonix-R in tincture form and the strong lasting release of Protectival in tablets, you get the full spectrum of coverage,  supporting immune cells production and activity, helping your body’s natural protection to stay strong and effective.


A Synergistic Immune Support Effect

The therapeutic effect of herbalism is based on the medicinal properties of each herb but also on the combination of the herbs in a formula. Protcetival and Tonix-R are been designed to work together as a team to supports the immune system at its core. Creating enhanced effect greater than the effect of each of the products alone (1+1=3) with a profound supporting immunomodulatory effect, promoting  a balanced reaction of your immune system and optimization of your first line of defense


Backed by science Immunity Support

While there are many botanical immune support products available, very few of them underwent scientific validation on the products. Protectival was researched through preclinical and clinical trials, using randomized and double-blind protocols, making it one of the most comprehensive scientific studies ever conducted on the effect of a botanical formula. Tonix-R has been shown to significantly enhance the immune system including the increase of Natural Killers cell (NK) activity and an increased vitality of neutrophils.


LifeBiotic’s Immunity packs provide strong, unparallelled, immune system support. Why settle for one when you can have the best that science and nature has to offer? With the synergistic strength of Protectival and Tonix-R  on your side, take on the challenges winter brings and thrive through the cold season protected and healthy.

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