A new pre-clinical study indicates the unique coupling of Protectival with CBD produced positive effects and shows a higher level of cancer cell elimination.

CBD (Cannabidiol), known as cannabinoid, is one of 80 chemicals found in the Cannabis (hemp) plant. CBD’s use by patients for a number of health concerns is widespread and increasing. CBD may even prove to be a new, beneficial adjunct to cancer care.

Protectival (research name: LCS101) is today’s leading, most extensively researched botanical formula that focuses on cancer care. Backed by 15 years of collaborative research by oncologists and scientists from leading hospitals and universities, LCS101 shows significant support in three main aspects of cancer patient care: reduction of treatment side effects, immunity support, and cellular health.

Additionally, cell model studies indicate that Protectival (LCS101) has significant potential to eliminate multiple types of cancer cells. A recent study focused on the synergy as well as the safety of combining CBD with Protectival for this use.

Study results indicate no interference of Protectival’s beneficial effect when CBD was added. In fact, the unique coupling of Protectival with CBD produced positive effects and shows a higher level of cancer cell elimination.

While additional studies are now underway, these initial positive research results support the approach of combining cannabinoids with other proven evidence-based botanicals. As such, Protectival may provide new opportunities in the development of natural complementary products in the all-important area of effective and safe care for cancer patients.

About LifeBiotic

LifeBiotic, an Israeli-based biotech company, develops natural botanical products designed to improve overall health as well as help reduce the debilitating effects of conventional cancer treatments. LifeBiotic’s patented botanical formula, LCS101 (Protectival), was the subject of extensive multi-year evidence-based scientific research regarding its multi-targeted approach to cancer care.

This important study was published in ten leading peer-reviewed oncology medical journals.

LifeBiotic was recently honored when UNESCO and the World Health Organization (WHO) selected this research on Protectival to present to their global medical communities.

All LifeBiotic products, available world-wide without prescription, have been created through the innovative approach of combining traditional medical knowledge with cutting-edge technology and objective, evidence-based scientific research.

Lifebiotic website: https://lifebiotic.com

LCS101 research website: https://lcs101.com

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