Everyone buys supplements, but how can you make sure you’re getting the best? You are concerned about your health, so you are concerned about what you put in your body. Just like when you go to the market and buy groceries, you want what you buy to be a safe product, a clean product, and a product that is what it says it is on the label. That’s where GMP comes in to play.


A product manufactured under poor quality conditions may contain toxic substances that have been unintentionally added. A product that is adulterated or diluted of the proclaimed ingredients will not have the same therapeutic outcomes. Seeking out products that are GMP helps you avoid poor quality.


GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice regulations. Dietary supplement makers who are following those regulations put practices into place that ensure their products match your expectations of consistency and purity. Quality and potency also matter to you, and you want assurances that your supplements are safe to take. You will see the GMP label on a product if a supplement company has quality assurance measures in place. And for products made in the USA, you will see a little “c” for current in front of “GMP,” because the US government also wants companies to be up to date with the latest and most advanced science and processes of manufacturing.  


When you see the GMP label on a supplement, you can be assured that identity, purity, quality, strength and the makeup of ingredients has been verified. You can be comforted that employees have checks and balances in place to assure a safe product, without adulterants. It feels good when the product you put in your body you know has been manufactured with your safety in mind! 


Here at LifeBiotic, we go a step beyond GMP with batch to batch consistency testing. A batch refers to a specific quantity of a product made.This is a process of confirming every batch of our product is the correct composition and has the right potency through laboratory analysis. You can be extra certain when you have one of our products in your hand you’re getting exactly what you paid for, which means getting you to your health goals faster. 


So when you look for a supplement, be sure you are getting top quality. Don’t waste your money, your time, and risk your health by buying something made with poor or no quality controls. Assure yourself that you’re getting the best your money can buy, by buying GMP soley. 

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