Every second of every minute of every day, a battle of good and evil goes on inside our bodies. The good is the immune system, armies of cells designed to protect the body from illness and infection. The evil comes in the form of pathogens, viruses, bacteria and mutated cells that compromise our health.


What are Natural Killer cells

The elite, special forces of our immune system are the Natural Killers cells. They are present in all tissues throughout the body, ready and waiting to deal with any threats by taking out stressed cells that have been infected with viruses and cells that have become cancerous.

Natural Killer cells (NK cells) are specialized white blood cells. Though they only make less than 10% of our total white blood cells, NK cells are some of the most important  cells in our Innate immunity, our body’s first line of defense.

NK cells earned the name “natural killer” because they do not need to be activated by other parts of the immune system. They can independently detect, attack and kill unhealthy cells, without relying on immunologic memory, which makes them act quickly on any cell which is not recognized as being a normal part of the body.


How Natural Killer cells work

The way NK cells target unhealthy cells is a fascinating process.

While on patrol NK cells constantly contact other cells. Equipped with a sophisticated detection system the NK cells know the difference between healthy and unhealthy cells based on signals they receive from the the cells they contact.

Once an unhealthy cell is detected they squirt a toxic substance directly towards that cell, the toxin literally penetrates the skin of the unhealthy cell and kills it.

The NK cells then release a hormone that stimulates other Immune System cells to come and gobble up the remains of this unfriendly cell.


Boosting Natural Killer Cells Activity by 400% with Protectival

Natural Killer cells are formed in the bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils and thymus.

We have about 2 billion NK Cells floating around in our blood stream at any given moment.

Unfortunately, as we age and are exposed to various environmental stressors and toxins, our NK Cells function rapidly decline.

Protectival is a natural formula made from 14 botanicals designed to enhance immunity and promote cells recovery.

The effect of Protectival on various components of the immune system was evaluated in 15 years of scientific research in collaboration with oncologist and biologist from leading hospitals and universities including MD Anderson, Harvard University, Miami Children Hospital and more.

A big part of the study focused on the potential role of Protectival in immune system stimulation including NK cells activation.

The study which was conducted on human blood cells showed a 400% increase in Natural Killer cells activity with Protectival.

Natural Killer cells play an important role in our immune system. Keeping your NK Cells in peak performance means better protection from unhealthy cells.

Protectival is a natural choice for supporting your body in it’s ongoing battle for health.

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