Protectival was developed based on the most comprehensive research performed on botanicals in integrative care, cellular health and immune support.

However research was only the beginning.

Manufacturing a natural product that is consistent in its safety and potency is always a challenge. Protectival, which includes a unique formula of 14 different botanicals, this is a challenge at an entirely new level of complexity.

The elaborate nature of our formulation required us to develop a unique production process based on complex science, assuring that potency and safety are maintained at the highest level, with each batch.

In this document, we highlight these steps to explain the lengths we take to bring quality, safety, consistency, and effectiveness to Protectival.

Sourcing Raw Materials

LifeBiotic sources premium materials for our products carefully from known and trusted sources. To assure potency, we only use the highest grade of raw materials. We process them deliberately and in accordance with strict standards. Our tests are performed by highly trained professionals using cutting edge technologies.

Each and every of 14 botanicals included in Protectival goes through a rigorous line of safety, purity, quality and potency tests and inspection including:


Species Identification

At the root of the process is Species Identification. This consists of Appearance, Microscopic analysis, Physical/chemical identification and Chemical Fingerprinting.
These thorough examinations of medicinal source material assures us that we have the exact high quality ingredients that our formulation requires. We have the best technology and trained experts to assure us that we have the right materials. Our trust guarantee starts by trusting the materials we source, and we spare no expense in that process.

Sulphur Dioxide
Sulphur dioxide is a common preservative that is found in many food products. Farmers or vendors will use sulphur when items are grown or transported in less than ideal conditions to wipe out bugs or bacteria. The unfortunate result is degradation of the medical components of the herb, and certain individuals have sensitivities to sulphur which can cause adverse reactions. Our tests make sure the herbs we use are free from Sulphur Dioxide.

With a thorough analysis of pesticide residues to each specimen, we eliminate any materials which contain these toxic elements. Our tests not only detect pesticides but the residues which can be the by-product of these chemicals, giving us added assurance to our products’ purity.

In the past, these microorganisms have been found on many food materials throughout the years and have been a concerning source of contamination. Researchers have determined that four kinds of aflatoxins are highly toxic and possibly carcinogenic. All of our herbs are thoroughly tested for the absence of aflatoxins to assure safety.

Heavy Metals
Heavy metals refer to metallic elements that have a high density and are highly toxic. Industrialization has brought lead, copper, cadmium, arsenic and mercury to be contaminants that are particularly concerning to our health and welfare. Our herbs are analysed both pre and post processing in order to assure our products are free of heavy metals.

Aristolochic Acid
A few varieties of herbs used medicinally contain Aristolochic Acid, which in the past has caused unfortunate incidents. LifeBiotic contains no materials that have AA as an active or latent component. We go the extra distance to make sure our species identification methods are on task to keep our products clean of misidentified species or adulterants.
When the herbs have passed all of these tests, it’s only the beginning!


Preparation & Verification

When the herbs have passed all of the tests mentioned above,, the herbs go through a meticulous cleaning until all dirt and foreign materials are removed. Then they go through a unique process performed in accordance to specified methods, unique to each specific herb. We pride ourselves in developing special preparation methods that provide superior synergistic effects which cannot be replicated otherwise.



The essential oils are the essential part of our formulation, being a highly active medicinal component of the plant. After a thorough cleaning, the essential oils from the herbs are carefully extracted through a patented process. The herbs are placed in their own specific timing in a rotary extractor which spins to mix them into a decoction liquid, while the temperature is increased to gradually cook the herbs. The precise extraction temperature and timing is strictly controlled to maximize efficiency and thoroughness. These bio-essences are then concentrated through a low temperature system that preserves the potency of the extract.


Granulation and Tabletization

Next the granulation process begins. The concentrated essential oils containing the bio are sprayed onto a base layer of ground herbs, which are then pressed in our easy to swallow tablets. The whole process is controlled and automated, and it is completely sealed off to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination.

Final Inspection

A final inspection process then occurs where we will analyze multiple samples from each lot to measure quality and safety, including High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), heavy metal analysis, pesticide screening, and microbial screening, aflatoxins, sulfur dioxide and aristolochic acid.

After this final rigorous analysis, a Certificate of Analysis (COA) is produced with each batch of herbs. This Certificate documents the excellent quality of our product.

From beginning to end, LifeBiotic brings you the highest level of research and manufacturing.

The making of Protectival sets new industry standards in manufacturing of the highest quality of safe botanical products.

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