Now that things are opening up, it may feel better to be back to work, to be able to eat at restaurants and to be out and about. However, it’s important to remember the virus causing COVID-19 and the risk of contracting it are still present. In fact, with social distancing being now more of a challenge, the risk of infection is higher. 

This is specifically significant for people in high risk groups who have compromised immunity including people with lung conditions, heart conditions, diabetes, obesity, and people with cancer.  

For people with such underlying conditions, we recommend staying away from crowded places, maintaining recommended hygiene such as hand washing, maintaining social distancing as much as possible, and wearing a cloth mask will help keep you and those around you safe. 

Maintaining a strong immune system, our first line of defence, is also highly important in order to stay protected in this new reality . Check out our 7 tips for building your immune system by leading a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, by taking Protectival or LifeBiotic’s Immunity Pack of Protectival with the added immune boosting properties of Tonix-R, you can be confident that you are supplementing your immune system with an herbal product that has been validated by scientific research.

These considerations are also especially important for those who are healthy and must return to work or travel in crowded environments such as on public transportation or in airports. In order to maximise immunity make sure you are well rested, eating nutritious food, and practicing stress reducing activities. Along with Tonix-R on your side, you will be doing your best to maintain internal immune strength.


This new reality can be challenging and may require adjustments. Being mindful of simple steps to reduce the risk of exposure, together with strengthening your immune system, can help you stay protected and healthy during these uncertain times!

Looking for more ways to boost your natural protection ? Check our evidence-based immune support products Tonix-R and Protectival.

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