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Protectival gives me more fitness.

5.0 rating
December 19, 2020
Melitta K, Austria

Incredibly Effective with Side Effects

5.0 rating
November 20, 2020

My WBC numbers continue to be stable, and I have minor, tolerable side effects from treatments. On the 3rd day, when I no longer am tired and have a metallic taste in my mouth, I forget I even had a treatment. I attribute part of this to this amazing product. Astragalus is a powerful supplement, and the combination of other herbs and nutritionals is magical. thank you!!

Hoda, US

Protectival helped my Mom go through treatments with no side effects

5.0 rating
November 1, 2020

My mom started to take Protectival after her second treatment, by then she had terrible nausea and she was very tired… all the time.
We got the recommendation to use Protectival from Dr. Moss. She started to take it 10 days before her 3rd treatment and didn’t have those side effects ever since.
We are a year later she still taking at as general support and she says it make feel much stronger.

Bianca, US

Protectival and Tonix-R prescribed by integrative doctor. Am glad to have products that will hopefully help my immune system.

5.0 rating
September 22, 2020

clear, efficient, ordering

Janie, US

The protectival and Tonix R

5.0 rating
May 11, 2020

They help me to regain energy after 90 days treatment with RSO . They worked effectively.

Loc, US


To me, Protectival is not just a supplement, but a life saver. It helped me gain back my strength, my health and my hope.


—Mary  S.

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