Safety is LifeBiotic’s main concern. We understand that people considering Protectival are in many cases facing some of the most challenging health decisions of their lives. 

As such we structured unique control and safety processes to ensure Protectival’s quality and safety, making extra sure Protectival is a supplement you can trust. We make Protectival with your safety in mind.

Safe Ingredients 

The 14 botanicals in Protectival have been used for centuries safely in traditional medicine and have a solid track record in promoting health and wellness. These individual ingredients have been successfully tested by multiple studies for their safe use alongside their beneficial effects. 

Purity Control

At the root of safety, purity is top priority. With the highest quality control standards at a GMP certified facility, we make Protectival with multi-layered safety tests and production controls from the laboratory to the bottle. Our team haves checks and balances in place to assure a safe product, without adulterants. We test each batch so we can be assured that we always provide Protectival with the quality and consistency that you expect.

Free of Toxins

At every stage of production, our ingredients are tested for potency and to assure they are free of toxins. We source top quality botanicals and run them through laboratory analysis in order to make sure there’s no pesticide residues or heavy metals. Our GMP guidelines are a powerful framework to help you be assured we are safeguarding your health by protecting you from toxins.

Tested for Drug Interactions

In our minds, safety is indicated when we don’t see complications. We purposefully tested Protectival in combination with conventional treatments like chemotherapy & radiation to make sure it is safe. That included clinical trials on patients while undergoing conventional treatments. No drug interactions have been reported. Very few products based on natural ingredients have been tested in such a rigorous manner. 

No Side Effects

In our years of research and clinical experience, no side effects have been reported, including with patients with compromised immunity, low red or white blood cell counts, and those with advanced disease. In all of our studies with patients undergoing intense treatment protocols, the safety of Protectival has been documented. Additionally, research shows Protectival can significantly improve these symptoms

Protectival is safe, trusted, and can be used in coordination with any treatment you may be undergoing or other supplements you may be taking. We pride ourselves in setting a new standard in safety. We go the extra distance to deliver a safe supplement in all aspects of production. You can have confidence that by adding one of our products into your routine, you are making a safe decision, because we made it with your safety in mind. 

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