Tested in clinical trials on patients undergoing conventional treatments, 89% of the patients reported that they felt Protectival improved their quality of life.

Quality of life is a big consideration when making health care decisions. Doctors have managing  disease foremost on their minds. Patients should have managing their health foremost on theirs. When going through intense treatment regimens, quality of life can sometimes suffer. Protectival is here to help patients maintain the highest quality of life, which gives them the best fighting chance. 


Our 15 years of research included studies on the effect of Protectival on the immune system and cellular health. Objective measures can all be easily observed and are what the doctor is paying attention to. We took it one step further and tested the effect of Protectival’s on patients’ quality of life.


What is quality of life (QoL)?

When people have a positive frame of mind and are able to show up in every day matters, they have a good quality of life. Aches, fatigue, digestive disturbances of many different kinds, a poor appetite, all of these symptoms can lead patients to feel weakened and to not feel like doing anything. There’s nothing more disheartening than not being able to do the simple things in life one once took for granted. When patients are able to manage their every day routine, and do so independently, they feel empowered. Studies have shown that people who feel empowered and who maintain a good quality of life have better outcomes. If you were to have to go through treatments that may compromise your functionality, isn’t that where you would want to be?   


Protectival effect on quality of life

The action that certain drugs have on the unhealthy cells in the body also affects the healthy ones. They affect new cell growth, trying to prevent the disease from multiplying, and also encouraging cell death. Unfortunately, when they affect healthy cells, it makes for a whole host of unwelcome side effects that leave people feeling sick. Tested in clinical trials on patients undergoing conventional treatments, 89% of the patients reported that they felt Protectival improved their quality of life and helped reduce their symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, pain, nausea, and poor appetite.



Fatigue is one of the most commonly reported symptoms when going through conventional treatments. It doesn’t necessarily just come from low blood counts, it can just happen as an unfortunate side effect. 70% of patients that took Protectival felt and improvement in their fatigue symptoms. That’s a whole lot of people feeling better!



There’s nothing worse than feeling nauseous all the time. It’s almost impossible to maintain a healthy appetite while feeling this way. And how can someone maintain good energy if they can’t eat? 70% of patients said that Protectival helped them feel less nauseous. Less nausea means less feeling like you’re sick, which means more feeling like yourself.



And what if you just don’t feel like eating? Some disease therapies make food unappealing and/or tasteless. Maintaining a healthy weight is important as weight loss is common with certain diseases. 85% of people said that Protectival helped to improve their appetite. Protectival can help patients get through the holidays feeling like they actually want to celebrate with family and friends the same way they are, by enjoying the food they like the most.  



Being able to manage the flow of nutrients through your system is something most of us take for granted. When suddenly things stop working like they used to because of the drugs that fight disease, it can be life limiting in many ways. 80% of people said that Protectival helped improve their digestive symptoms. Healthy bowels are important to keep on top of life’s challenges. 


Protectival is a supplement that helps patients keep their best foot forward. As our research shows, having it on your side can make all the difference in your quality of life. Face health challenges the way we all want to, by being in control and nurturing yourself properly while your physician handles your disease. Protectival helps you keep the life you want to live within reach.

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