The Science Behind Protectival

Protectival has been scientifically studied with over 15 years of research conducted in collaboration with renowned oncologists and scientists from leading Hospitals and Universities including Harvard University, MD Anderson, Miami Children’s Hospital, Sheba Hospital, The Tal Center for Integrative Oncology, Ichilov Medical Center, Bar Ilan University Cancer Research Center, and more.

Research Overview

Protectival has been subjected to vigorous testing. We researched Protectival through preclinical and clinical trials, using randomized and double-blind protocols, making it one of the most comprehensive scientific studies ever conducted on the effect of a botanical formula on cellular health, the immune system and quality of life improvement.

Effect on the Immune System

The effect of Protectival on various components of the immune system was evaluated in a pre-clinical trial. The study focused on the potential role of Protectival in immune system support. The results suggest that Protectival has an immune supporting capacity on multiple pathways.

Effect on Cellular Health

The effect on cellular health included clinical double-blind randomized trials, suggesting Protectival has significant potential to promote cellular vitality, support healthy cell reproduction and help to maintain healthy white & red blood cells levels.

Effect on Quality Of Life

The effect of Protectival on quality of life was tested in a clinical trial where 89% of the participants reported that they felt Protectival improved their quality of life and helped reduce their symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, nausea, improved appetite and digestive functions.

Tested For Safety

Protectival’s safety was tested in clinical in human trials and included studies in conjunction with various conventional treatments. No side-effects or drug interactions were observed in the studies.

Medical Recognition

The outstanding results were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals including The Oncologist Journal, Integrative Medicine Insights Journal, International Journal of Oncology, The Journal of International Medical Research and others. The research outcomes have been presented to the medical community on prestigious stage of UNESCO, the American Society for Integrative Oncology and others.

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