Ligustrum Lucidum

Ligustrum Lucidum known and validated by science for its Anti-Mutagenic activity and its effect on Immune Restoration.


Common Names:
Nu Zhen Zi, Chinese Privet, Glossy privet, White Wax Tree, Tree Ligustrum.

Sun Y, Hersh EM, Talpaz M, Lee SL, Wong W, Loo TL, Mavligit GM: Immune restoration and/or augmentation of local graft versus host reaction by traditional Chinese medicinal herbs. Cancer 1983, 52(1):70-73.


Rittenhouse JR, Lui PD, Lau BH: Chinese medicinal herbs reverse macrophage suppression induced by urological tumors. J Urol 1991, 146(2):486-490.

Wong BY, Lau BH, Tadi PP, Teel RW: Chinese medicinal herbs modulate mutagenesis, DNA binding and metabolism of aflatoxin B1. Mutat Res 1992, 279(3):209-216.

Jeong JC, Kim JW, Kwon CH, Kim TH, Kim YK: Fructus ligustri lucidi extracts induce human glioma cell death through regulation of Akt/mTOR pathway in vitro and reduce glioma tumor growth in U87MG xenograft mouse model. Phytother Res 2011, 25(3):429-434.

An HJ, Jeong HJ, Um JY, Park YJ, Park RK, Kim EC, Na HJ, Shin TY, Kim HM, Hong SH: Fructus Ligustrum lucidi inhibits inflammatory mediator release through inhibition of nuclear factor-kappaB in mouse peritoneal macrophages. J Pharm Pharmacol 2007, 59(9):1279-1285.

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