Tonix-R Pro Pack – 12 Bottles


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Tonix-R Pro Pack – 12 Bottles

Immune System & Vitality Support

  • 12 bottles pack of Protectival
  • 100ml in each bottle
  • 50% discount on original bottle price
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Tonix-R is a herbal supplement contains a concentrated liquid formula of mushrooms and plants, studied scientifically and designed to promote vitality and to support the immune system.*

Tonix-R is a concentrated liquid formula of Bio-Active Botanicals manufactured using a unique method.  Tonix-R is a combination of 7 mushrooms and plants, known by tradition and science for their health sustaining properties, supporting the immune system, combating fatigue and enhancing vitality.


Backed By Science

The efficacy of Tonix-R is backed by scientific research where the formula was studied for its specific effect of helping to maintain healthy Natural Killers cells activity and the vitality of neutrophils, which are an essential part of the immune system.
We vigorously tested Tonix-R capabilities to strengthen and support the body’s natural ability to stay healthy.



Tonix-R contains hydro-alcoholic extract (alc. 40% Vol.) of 7 Mushrooms and herbs including:
Astragalus Reishi Mushroom, Membranaceus, Wolfiporia Extensa, Atractylodes Macrocephala, Lycium Chinense, Ligustrum Lucidum, Cordyceps Sinensis.



  • 40 drops in a 1/4 glass of water, 3 times a day.
  • May be taken at any time, without regard to meals.
  • Tonix-R could be taken for few days for immediate boost of the immune system or for longer period (years) for ongoing support.*

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