The Innate immune system, our first line of defense, serves an important role in a healthy population, providing surveillance and protection.

Tonix-R, developed by LifeBiotic, is a unique concentrated liquid formula of mushrooms and plants, studied scientifically and designed to support the innate immune system by enhancing the body’s natural ability to stay healthy.

New research on Tonix-R (research name LCS102) which has been recently published in the Biomedical Reports Journal, provides additional validation on the immune support capabilities of Tonix-R and its safety when used in conjunction with conventional treatment.

The research was performed at Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s largest hospital in collaboration with oncologists and scientists from Tal Center for Integrative Medicine and Faculty of Medicine of Tel Aviv University.

The effect of Tonix-R on our innate immunity was examined in human blood samples.  The research results showed Tonix-R to significantly increase the percentage of activated neutrophils and NK cells in in vivo. 

Furthermore, the formula was tested for interactions with conventional treatments, where it was shown that it did not reduce the effectiveness of the treatments and in some cases even provided better outcomes.

Tonix-R is the immune system support of choice for thousands of people and healthcare professionals around the world. This recent research is yet more evidence for the efficacy and safety of Tonix-R as a powerful tool in immune system regulation and integrative care.

Click here, To Read to full research article.


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