Free recording of the webinar is available for healthcare professional at the Pro Acount section 

Protectival (known under the research name LCS101) is the most researched botanical formula in cancer care and widely used by integrative healthcare providers around the world. 

Join us on September 20th for a FREE WEBINAR for healthcare professionals on the practical application of Protectival. 

Dr. Yair Maimon will present scientific evidence and evaluation of the research conducted by a team of oncologists, molecular biologists and integrative medicine experts. 

 Research was conducted in hospitals and cancer research laboratories in Israel, Europe and the US, collaborating with researchers from Miami Children’s hospital, MD Anderson and Harvard Medical school.

Through this lecture you will understand the research and its clinical meanings and learn how to use the formula in clinical practice. You will better know how Protectival provides you with a new powerful and safe tool to support oncology and immune conditions and understand the importance of this groundbreaking supplement. 

The Webinar will include:

  • General Introduction on the research and the formula.
  • East / West,  the challenge in integrative oncology and how we bridge the gap.
  • LCS101 Research results (Protection from chemo, anti cancer effect, immunity, safety).
  • Mechanism of Action of LCS101 from western and traditional perspective.
  • Production quality and safety.
  • Dosage protocols and clinical applications.
  • Case studies in the usage of Protectival.
  • Live Q&A Session.

Join us on September 20th 11.00 EST (US)  |  17:00 CET (Europe)

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