Following the expansion of LifeBiotic to the US, we are happy to introduce you to our new global Pro Account, made especially for healthcare providers.

Inside LifeBiotic’s Pro Account you will find professional tools we’ve created just for you. We have developed this section to help you get a deeper understanding of the science behind our results and other exclusive benefits including:

Wholesale Discounts for Our Pro Members

With access to LifeBiotic’s Pro Account, you also get access to special wholesale product pricing reserved for our members. Our Pro Pack savings of up to 60% off the retail price will give you the pricing options you need to incorporate our products in your practice.

Free Access to Professional Research and Educational Materials 

Clearly worded abstracts of our extensive research will help you understand the significance of Protectival’s special place in the evolving world of botanicals and evidence based science. Quick access to all of our major research will also give you the tools you need to help you understand how Protectival’s safety and effectiveness will bring your patients satisfaction. 

Our exclusive professional’s section also provides guidance on proper dispensing and dosing, and more in depth information about our ingredients which gives you working knowledge of the power of our botanical formulations.

Free Access to Integrative Medicine Webinars and our Medical Team Throughout the Year

We will also be featuring educational videos and webinars specially hosted for our professional members. We keep the education coming so you will always be abreast of new health matters and innovative integrative approaches to your patient’s care.   

With all of the science we feature in the Pro Account special environment, you will be ready to easily communicate with physicians and patients about the virtues of Protectival & Tonix-R. You will also have special access to our team of medical advisors to answer your questions. 

Get your Pro Account Access 


If you already have an account with us, now is the time to upgrade to our new section for professionals. 

Upgrade existing account to Pro account

If you don’t have an account with us, signing up for our professionals section will give you all
the tools you need to understand why you should make Protectival and Tonix-R available to your patients.

Click here to apply for a Pro Account

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Free eBook is now available

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Introducing The New Pro Account

Introducing The New Pro Account

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Pro Account and the revamped section on our website, dedicated exclusively to healthcare professionals.

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