Immunity is our first line of defence. The latest outbreak has been shown to have a stronger effect on those with compromised immune systems, including older people and those with existing health conditions. 

LifeBiotic’s Immune Packs include Protectival and Tonix-R, special formulations that are packed with immunity enhancing herbs and mushrooms to help give your immune system a leg up In this time of heightened risk.

1 Month Immune Pack

2 Protectival + 2 Tonix-R


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2 Months Immune Pack

4 Protectival + 4 Tonix-R


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About Protectival

Protectival, a formula made of 14 botanicals, has been clinically tested and has been shown to empower the immune system. Herbs such as Astagalus have been shown in multiple researches to be powerful immune boosters. In combination with our other botanicals, the studies have shown that Protectival has an immune supporting capacity on multiple pathways.
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About Tonix-R

Tonix-R is a combination of 7 mushrooms and plants (including 3 of the most studied immune support mushrooms: Poriae, Reishi & Cordyceps) known by tradition and science for their health sustaining properties that support the immune system, combat fatigue and enhance vitality.
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Using these formulas together provides you with the benefits of all of our health sustaining ingredients and an evidence-based boost for your natural protection.

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