With the increasing global health concerns in regards to the coronavirus (COVID-19) we are getting many questions at LifeBiotic about the role of the Immune-System and our products.

We’ve gathered the most common questions we’ve been asked and got our medical team to provide their answers:


Why is a healthy Immune-System important in these times ?

The Immune-System is our body’s first line of defence against viral invasions, a healthy functioning Immune-System gives you a better protection against viruses and as such it is important in order to keep you healthy.

Multiple reports show that the coronavirus has a stronger effect on those with compromised Immune-Systems including older people and those with existing health conditions.


What are the potential benefits of using Tonix-R ?

Tonix-R, is a herbal formula designed to support the Immune-System where some of the botanicals that are included in the formula are traditionally used to strengthen the lungs and lung function such as astragalus and cordyceps.

Therefore, Tonix-R can be considered as an effective potential measure to support the Immune-System in its ongoing prevention of viral infections.

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What are the potential benefits of using Protectival ?

Protectival is a patented botanical formula studied in comprehensive research done by oncologists and scientists.

The research included clinical trials testing Protectival’s Immunomodulatory effect on those with compromised Immune-Systems. The research suggested that Protectival not only enhances but also modulates and balances the Immune-System.

Therefore, Protectival can be considered as an effective potential measure to support the Immune-System especially for those with weakened immunity.

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What else can be done to strengthen the Immune-System ?

Leading a healthy lifestyle can effectively contribute to keeping your immune system strong and healthy. That includes eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, getting adequate sleep, reducing stress and avoiding smoke, alcohol and other toxins.


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