We are happy to share that LifeBiotic’s evidence based immune supporting products,
Protectival & Tonix-R, are now made and available in the US.

As a leader in developing evidence based premium natural products for integrative care, we’ve provided products that have been changing the lives of people and widely adopted by healthcare professionals for over a decade.

Due to overwhelming demand, We worked diligently in the last months to bring the manufacturing of our trusted products to the USA. We are excited about expanding to the US market, especially in these challenging times where trusted evidence-based immune supporting products are needed more than ever.

Orders coming from North America will be handled from now on by our new US center while orders from the rest of the world will be handled by our existing center in the Netherlands. That means faster and more reliable orders deliveries to all of our customers.

LifeBiotic’s mission is to bridge the gap between nature and science by providing the most rigorously tested and safest high potency botanical based products.

Protectival, our flagship product, is a clinically tested patented formula made of highly concentrated bio-active botanicals to support the immune system, improve cellular health and increase quality of life.

The safety and efficacy of Protectival is backed by 15 years of research conducted in collaboration with renowned oncologists and scientists from 7 leading hospitals and universities, including Harvard University, MD Anderson, Miami Children’s.

Tonix-R, an evidence based blend of mushrooms and herbs, is a safe and effective way to support vitality and immunity, helping people to manage today’s health challenges.

Both products are now being made in the US, backed by the confidence that the highest GMP standards of manufacturing provide.

Protectival and Tonix-R can be purchased directly on our online store www.lifebiotic.com/store 

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Free eBook is now available

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