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The Company

Founded on world-class expertise, LifeBiotic develops treatments based on bio-active botanicals adapted from Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM), a rich medical tradition with a long and respected history of thousands of years. The company draws on the ancient texts and current practice of CHM to generate a pipeline of new formulas for the treatment of the immune system. Each formula is backed with solid scientific evidence and uniquly manufactured according to the highest quality standards. We are working with several hospitals, universities and laboratories. Our research is carried out with renowned oncologists and scientists from Medical Centers in Israel and the US and from University Cancer Research Laboratories at Bar Ilan university.

Evidence Based Natural Products

LifeBiotic®’s products are unique, natural, bio-active compounds, based on decades of clinical experience and research in oncology departments at leading medical center in the US and Israel.

LifeBiotic®’s Protectival™ offers unique immune protection, which promotes healing and improves quality of life.

The outstanding safety & efficacy of Protectival™ are the result of intensive Scientific Research, Product Development, Unique Production and Control Process. Protectival™’s multi-targeted action has been Scientifically Validated.

Our Mission

Maintaining health needs a complex solution. As decades of cancer research has taught us. Rather than approach it with a single compound, we use a complex formulation of bio active botanical targeting the many facets of the immune system in a way which addresses this complexity. Building a formula from several plant sources, rather than a single molecule or even a single herb can be compared to building a winning team and relying on the teamwork to have a synergistic effect. This has been the core of Chinese Medicine for  thousands of years. LifeBiotic is about  using this knowledge and incorporating it with methodological, scientific research performed with leading medical institutes, bridging the gap between nature and science. This approach has been recently integrated into modern scientific research in an emerging field called “Systems biology”, which maps the terrain involved in complex disease.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between nature and science in cancer care

Dr. Yair Maimon
Life Biotic’s Founder

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