In today’s market with so many immune system support products, making a decision on what is the best choice is difficult. What is a quality supplement? Which product can be trusted to have the best and most effective ingredients? Additionally, the safety and purity of ingredients are sometimes concerns that are not easily understood. 


Here’s why Tonix-R Immunity Drops stand out and should be your choice in immune system support.  


1. Next level immune support

Tonix-R supports the immune system at its core, supporting the production of immune cells and activity, helping your body’s natural protection to stay strong and effective. Tonix-R profoundly supports an immunomodulatory effect, promoting a balanced reaction of your immune system and optimization of your first line of defense.

The research behind Tonix-R shows an enhancing effect on NK cell activation, the elite, special forces of our immune system and supports neutrophil activity which play a big role in your first line of defence to invading pathogens.


2. Backed by REAL scientific evidence

Many product manufacturers claim their products are backed by research, but the research was only done on individual ingredients that are included in the product and not the product itself. The research conducted on Tonix-R was performed on our actual formulation and by immunologists and researchers at Sheba Hospital , selected by Newsweek as one of the top 10 hospitals in the world. 


3. A unique formula using unique technology

Each drop of Tonix-R contains highly concentrated bio-active extract from 7 of the most powerful and researched immune supporting mushrooms and plants. Our unique process captures in Tonix-R unparalleled immune supporting potency and bioavailability.


4. Outstanding Quality Control

Tonix-R Ingredients are sourced carefully for world-class purity & quality and undergo the most rigorous testing standards and inspection processes. Tonix-R is produced in the US & EU under the highest quality control standards and FDA guidelines at a cGMP certified production facility.


5. Rapid effect that you can actually feel

Tonix-R helps you feel strong and vital, provides an energy boost and helps combat fatigue, and enhances your well-being. Our formulation is used widely by airline crews, healthcare personnel, and oncology patients – by those on the front line of the pandemic, and those with the most compromised immune systems. Tonix-R makes you feel well defended and ready to take on life’s challenges.


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