Protectival is often used during the most difficult health challenges that one can undergo. As such, clear indications for its beneficial effect is assurance for both patients and practitioners..

There are many variables in how health conditions affect a patient. Treatment types and the underlying constitution of a patient are factors into how a person will react. These lead to different experiences that are very unique to each and every patient. You can have two patients with the exact same disease who are receiving the same treatment, yet their health profile and general well being can be completely different. 

While Protectival has been designed to safely support such complex challenges, the multitude of variables can create uncertainty and it might be hard to know if the formula is working, this can make people feel uncertain and lead them to stop taking it. In many cases, only then the beneficial effects become plainly evident. 

Fortunately, there are clear indications that one can look for in order to remove the uncertainty and to get the confidence that Protectival’s benefits are taking effect.

Blood Tests

Blood counts are incredibly important when going through treatments. Oncologists will be constantly monitoring blood numbers to see how the drugs they are using are affecting their levels. Low White blood cells (WBC) or Red blood cells (RBC) counts are signs of compromised immunity and anemia respectively, and can cause the discontinuation of treatment.

Protectival has been shown to protect and support production of those blood cells. A simple lab test that shows an increase or the maintaining of healthy blood levels during or after treatment. This is a clear sign Protectival is working.


Improvement Of Treatments Side Effects 

Fatigue, pain, nausea, poor appetite and digestive functions are all common complaints of patients going through treatment, affecting heavily their quality of lives. Certain side effects, such as fatigue, can persist for years after treatment. 

Improvement in any of those side effects or going through treatments with no to mild side effects are both strong indications that Protectival’s multi-dimensional support is working. 


Increase in Vitality & Energy

Protectival has shown to have profound impact on energy level and general well being.

“I feel alive again” or “I feel I have got my life back” are statements we hear often from patients.

This kind of Increase in vitality without being able to pinpoint a specific feeling is typical and a clear sign that Protectival is working on the body’s deepest level. 


How long does it take to see beneficial signs?

Being a constitutional approach to helping cancer patients, Protectival can take a couple of weeks to build up in the system. Just like the effects of drugs on patients, there is no one answer to how the body will respond. Just like any other supplement, it works best if patients are able to follow the recommended dosage levels. 

Depending on the patient, and based on our clinical experience, it can typically take 2-6 weeks for people to start seeing one or more of those signs. 

Protectival’s effect is time and dose dependent, therefore keeping a strict regimen by taking the full daily dosage (2 tablets X3 time) every day is a key for getting Protectival’s full potential of protection and support.

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