Protectival - The Active Shield

Why Protectival?

Protectival™’s multi-targeted action has been scientifically validated in supporting:

1. Protection and recovery

 2. Immune enhancement

3. Quality of life improvement

This broad spectrum activity – with such ample scientific support – is outstanding.





Protection & Recovery  Protectival™ helps in promoting WBC & RBC recovery (white blood cells & red blood cells) – proven effective in clinical trials in promoting recovery and health*. Recent pre-clinical studies also showed that Protectival™ has an outstanding selective effect – protecting healthy cells, while destroying diseased cells.



Immune Enhancement Protectival™ was shown* to strengthen the body’s natural ability to fight infections and illnesses.


Improving the quality of life Helps reduce side effects such as: fatigue, nausea, appetite, weakness, pain and bowl functions.

      The active ingredients:

Botanical Components

The rationale behind Protectival™ formulation is based on ancient medicinal knowledge which divides herbs into categories. Each one was verified by scientific research. The herbs were chosen for their synergistic effect from the following categories:

  • Destroying unhealthy cells
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Reducing side effects, protecting the body from toxins.

In addition to the wide body of knowledge regarding its individual ingredients, Protectival™ is designed to synergize its constituent herbs, making the combined effect greater than that of its individual components. It was subjected to rigorous testing, including a randomized, controlled, double blind clinical tests leading to publication in prestigious medical journals (additional information is available for professional health care providers).