Protectival - The Active Shield

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about-3 We conducted a Clinical research with patients who have used the products, in parallel to chemotherapy. The results showed significantly improving healthy white and red blood cells (both are known chemotherapy side-effects). In addition, Protectival was well tolerated.  None of the patients developed significant complications indicating the safety of Protectival. Infection rates and non-hematological toxicities did not significantly differ between groups in this trial. The evidence above suggests that Protectival may increase body’s resistance to disease and reduces the risk of  low blood count (some of which may be life threatening or cause for treatment delay), which in turn means that patients taking it as an adjunctive to chemotherapy would be healthier and stronger, giving physicians the opportunity to try more potent treatments while improving the patient’s ability to cope with a more aggressive treatment regimen. At the same time, Protectival’s the anti-cancer effect, proven by in-vitro studies, may aid in treatment, increasing the likelihood of a successful clinical outcome. * This is a simplified summary of the evidence for safety and efficacy of our products. A full paper is available at: “Yaal-Hahoshen N et al., “A prospective, controlled study of the botanical compound mixture LCS101 for chemotherapy-induced hematological complications in breast cancer.”, Oncologist. 2011;16(9):1197-202”


about-2 We subjected our products to the highest degree of preclinical and clinical testing, using randomized, and double blind protocols. Our results were published in peer-reviewed publications. The protective properties of Protectival were tested and demonstrated* under the most rigorous, scientific conditions. LifeBiotic® – Scientifically Based Products Research conducted at 4 Medical Centers and University Cancer Laboratories in Israel and the US – with renowned Oncologists and Scientists Phase II clinical study conducted at  Ichilov  Hospital . Pre-clinical conducted at: Bar-Ilan University’s Cancer Research Center; Sheba Hospital Tal center integrative Oncology research unit; Ichilov Hospital biology laboratories; Miami Children Hospital Pathology laboratories;


about-1 We based our product on a unique formulated  compound of  highly concentrated bio active botanicals, all used over hundreds of years and known for their therapeutic qualities such as  destroying unhealthy cells, as well as, protecting the immune system. Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients, and contain dozens of plants known for centuries for their therapeutic values. For a partial list of scientific publications demonstrating the therapeutic value of these plants please visit our database.