Protectival - The Active Shield

The Research

Protectival™ (clinical trial name: LCS101) by LifeBiotic is an extract from 14 different bioactive botanicals. In addition to the vast body of scientific evidence regarding these ingredients and their therapeutic effects, Protectival was subjected to rigorous testing, including a randomized, controlled, double blind clinical study in breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

Protection & Recovery


We subjected our products to the highest degree of preclinical and clinical testing, using randomized, and double blind protocols. Our results were published in peer-reviewed publications.

The protective properties of Protectival were tested and demonstrated under the most rigorous, scientific conditions.

The research behind LifeBiotic® products was conducted at four medical centers and cancer laboratories in Israel and the US – with renowned oncologists and scientists:

  • Bar-Ilan University’s Cancer Research Center
  • Sheba Hospital Tal center integrative Oncology research unit
  • Ichilov Hospital biology laboratories
  • Miami Children Hospital Pathology laboratories

The Clinical Trials A randomized, controlled, double blind clinical trial was conducted on breast cancer patients at the Sourasky Medical Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel. All patients were diagnosed with localized tumors and referred to chemotherapy before they were included in the study. They were randomized to receive either chemotherapy with Protectival (LCS101) or chemotherapy and placebo. The intervention (Protectival or Placebo) started two weeks prior to the first chemotherapy dose and continued until the last dose. Neither the patients nor their medical staff was aware of the randomization decision while treatment was ongoing (a double-blind protocol). The study focused on rates of anemia and leucopenia, and showed excellent results, with approximately 80% of the Protectival group did not suffer from a decrease in white and red blood cell count during chemotherapy.

Quality of Life

In the clinical trials testing the effects of Protectival™ on chemotherapy-induced symptoms in breast cancer patients, 85% reported that they felt that LCS101 helped reduce their symptoms.

  • 70% reported none to mild severity of fatigue
  • 60% none to mild weakness
  • 85% none to mild pain
  • 70% none to mild nausea
  • 80% none to mild vomiting

(Published in: Integrative Medicine Insights 2013:8 1-8)

Immune Enhancement

The effect of Protectival™ on various components of the immune system was evaluated. The research results suggest that Protectival™ possesses immune-modulatory capacity – as evidenced by augmentation of elements of both adaptive and innate immunity. These findings support the observations of a potential role for immune stimulation by Protectival™, as a supportive treatment for cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Published: (OncoTargets and erapy 2013:6 1–9)

Selective Killing Effect

Trials (in vitro) have demonstrated that the formula actively destroys malignant cells. The formula has also shown to protect normal cell from the damages associated with chemotherapy, and exposing the malignant cells to the treatment.