Protectival - The Active Shield

Professional Testimonials

Prof. Jacob Shoham, MD, PhD

Head, laboratory for research on cancer biology and immunolog, 
Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel

“We conducted a study on the bio-active botanical formula LCS101…. We demonstrated that LCS101 modulates various aspects of the immune system.

Our results support the clinical findings, which indicated that LCS101 significantly alleviated some chemotherapy-induced hematological toxicity. and show that LCS101 can stimulate the immune system and may serve as a supportive treatment to chemotherapy treated cancer patients.”

Jacob Shoham letter

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Dr. Steven J Melnick, Ph.D., M.D

Chief of the Department of Pathology and Clinical Laboratories at Miami Children’s Hospital 

Chairman and Founder , Dharma Biomedical – Evidence based Ethnobotanical Medicinal discovery

“Our analysis focused on the assessment of efficacy of LCS101 on the innate and adaptive immune system using well established in vitro methods… specifically focused on NK cell activity (including immune-anticancer effects)… The results of our evaluation were revealed highly impressive immunomodulatory activity of LCS101 with strong and selective activation of the cell-mediated and innate immune system including data that supports potential for immune anti-cancer activity….

Among the many commercial products targeting immune function that we’ve evaluated, LCS101 is clearly the most effective in terms of potency and selectivity as evidenced by the methods employed in our laboratory…

The degree of quality control I have observed with LCS101 is rarely seen with commercial products of this type These observations combined with its excellent safety profile in my opinion makes LCS101 an ideal formulation for use in clinical trials and general use for immune system support. I highly recommend this product without reservation.”

Dr Melnick letter

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