Protectival - The Active Shield


Question: Is it clinically proven?

Answer: Yes! Our products were tested on patients taking chemotherapy using the highest standard of clinical study planning: randomized, controlled and double-blind. The results show a statistically significant and clinically meaningful effect. More information can be found here.


Question: Who is the company behind these products?

Answer: LifeBiotic is a leading Israeli company developing compounds based on bioactive plants. Israel is known for its innovative drug development industry and is home to several hundred startup companies developing innovative medical treatments. The vision behind LifeBiotic is to combine traditional botanical medicine with modern research methodologies in order to enhance cancer treatment and prevention and reduce suffering, while adhering to the highest standards of manufacturing and quality control.


Question: Are LifeBiotics’ products safe?

Answer: Yes. The ingredients used in all our products are well known and have been in use for centuries. The way we prepare and mix them has been validated and rigorous testing is applied to each production batch to ensure consistency. In clinical trials we have demonstrated the safety of our products either with or without concurrent use of chemotherapy. Safety is indicated by the lack of complications when administered with chemotherapy. Very few products based on natural ingredients were tested in such a rigorous manner.


Question: Are the products effective?

Answer: The beneficial qualities of the bio-active botanicals which make up our products are well documented in hundreds of studies. There have been over 100 pre-clinical studies conducted on Protectival with renowned oncologists and scientists in Medical Centers in Israel and the US and at the Bar Ilan University Cancer Research Laboratories. In addition, LifeBiotic has conducted its own clinical studies on the final products. These studies have been published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and have demonstrated the products’ effectiveness.


Question: Do I need to choose between this and conventional treatment?

Answer: No! We highly recommend you to follow your physician’s recommendations at all times. Our products may be used in addition to their recommendations. Our clinical studies tested the use of our products in exactly these circumstances.


Question: How does it work?

Answer: Plants are the most ancient source for pharmaceuticals. Modern science (and oncology in particular) still uses plant-derived compounds to treat disease. In fact, to this day, 25% of modern drugs originate from plants. Plant selection for use in our products was based on their documented properties for fighting cancer, enhancing the immune system, and reducing side effects of chemotherapy. These properties were documented in hundreds of studies before we even began our research, but were retested by the company in a series of studies.