Protectival - The Active Shield

A bottle of PROTECTIVAL™ contains 90 tablets.

The initial period which should be considered for taking PROTECTIVAL™ at the full treatment dosage would be 3 – 6 months.

Starting at a dosage of 2 tablets X 2 times a day (4 tablets per day) for the first week and then going up to the full treatment dosage of 3 tablets X 2 times a day (6 tablets per day).

During therapy: 

Full treatment dosage 2 tab. X 3 times daily (recommended to start 2 weeks before ).

 After therapy: 

For 3 month maintain full treatment dosage, then reduce to     maintenance dosage of 2 tab. x 2 times daily.

 Ongoing protection and immune-support:

Maintenance dosage of 1 tab. x 3 times daily.



40 drops x 3 times a day